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Can I use a month by month policy to get a vehicle or motorcycle out the Charlton Police Pound?

The answer is yes, they should accept it. A month by month policy is just the same as a normal annual policy, except that it is renewable each month rather than being contracted to last for a full year. This is completely different from short term motors insurance policies which only last from between one day and 30 days, and which cannot be extended for longer periods, and which are not acceptable for this purpose.
Every year a great many people take along friends who have car insurance which entitles them to drive any vehicle which does not belong to them, but almost invariably there is a condition on these policies which states that they cannot be used for getting vehicles out of police pounds on behalf of other people; it is necessary for you to get the vehicle out yourself, using your own insurance. If you cannot do this, Car Pound Recovery London Service can assist you. We can safely recover any vehicle including Car, Van, Motorcycle, Caravan and Trucks.

Here’s a map for the Charlton Police Pound:

Police Impounded Vehicle Recovery Charlton

Car Pound Recovery London can collect your vehicle for you. To reclaim a vehicle, you must present payment and original versions of your driving licence, insurance, and proof of entitlement. Anyone collecting the vehicle on your behalf must present payment as well as a letter of authority authorising them to collect on your behalf, driving licence, and proof of entitlement, and valid insurance that permits him or her to drive the vehicle. Car Recovery insurance policy allows us to recover and transport third party vehicles on behalf of their owners from a police or local authority pound.
If your vehicle:
  • has been issued with a PG9 (Prohibition Notice) because it is not roadworthy, (if it cannot be driven, it must be removed on a recovery vehicle)
  • has been taken off the road for not having a valid MOT or insurance
  • has been impounded due to a crime involving it or taken by Police after an accident or collision
  • has been taken for not having driving license Or for any reason we can collect your collect your vehicle for you.


Charlton Police Pound Recovery Truck

If your vehicle was seized under Section 165A of the Road Traffic Act, after being driven without valid insurance or not in accordance with a driving licence, please go to the page with the title, ‘Reclaiming a Seized Vehicle’.
The driver of a seized vehicle will normally have received a Form 3708 seizure notice.
This section only applies if your vehicle was brought to the pound for some other reason.
For example, it may been:
  • Stolen
  • Involved in a collision
  • Illegally parked
  • Involved in crime
  • Driven in an anti-social manner
  • Causing and obstruction or danger
  • Unlawfully abandoned.

If your vehicle has been issued with a PG9 (Prohibition Notice) or if the pound staff deem it to be unroadworthy, you will be required to arrange recovery at your own expense.
Disclaiming a vehicle
If you do want to reclaim your vehicle from the pound, you should attend with proof of identity and ownership, pay any statutory charges and disclaim all rights to it. The vehicle will be disposed of immediately and you will not be liable to any additional storage or disposal charges.
If your vehicle is was removed to be pound under statutory powers (abandoned, accident damaged, causing an obstruction) even if you choose not to reclaim it you must still attend the police pound to prove ownership and pay statutory disposal charge. You will also be asked to sign a disclaimer for the vehicle. After this, you will not be liable for any further charges related to the removal and storage of the vehicle. You are still liable for any Penalty Charge Notice which may have been issued.
The disposal charges are:
  • Car and light van – £75
  • Two wheeled vehicle – £50

How much can the police charge?
The maximum charges for removals vary according to the size and condition of the vehicle.3 for a vehicle less than 3.5 tonnes (i.e. a car or a light van), the charges are as follows:
  • Vehicle on road, upright and not substantially damaged or any two wheeled vehicle whatever its condition or position on or off the road – £150
  • Vehicle, excluding a two wheeled vehicle, off road, upright and not substantially damaged – £200
  • Vehicle, excluding a two wheeled vehicle, on road but either not upright or substantially damaged or both – £250
  • Vehicle, excluding a two wheeled vehicle, off road but either not upright or substantially damaged or both – £300.
  • Heavier vehicles cost more.
  • Storage costs £10 per day for a motorbike, £20 per day for cars and more for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.
  • Disposal of the vehicle costs £50 for a motorbike, £75 for a car and, again, more for heavier vehicles.


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